English Red Booths

Hi everyone!

We live in a world/society in which it is truly essential how a service is given for it to be successful. Medicine, business, communications, education, the hotel and catering industry ... you name it.

When a language such as English is learnt, teachers and professors usually resort to a useful communicational approach with an emphasis on the grammar.

How is it then possible for people who get trained to become professionals to find a course that has these characteristics but also focuses on the specific language of their career without neglecting the proper pronunciation/intonation and the extremely useful email/report writing?

English Red Booths offers this alternative. For ages, a booth, in its varied forms, a call box, an interpeter´s booth, has successfully been used to allow people to communicate in a private, comfortable, easy way. This is the concept embraced by ERB.

Check the blog to learn about it and contact ERB if you have any questions or if you wish to take a course.

Maria Darcy

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